The INCRA I-Box Jig For Box Joints Review

The INCRA I-Box is an advanced woodworking tool designed for the creation of stylish and elegant finger and box joints. Compared to traditional box joint options, the INCRA I-box is in a league of its own thanks to its various features which are a marked improvement on what was initially on offer from other jigs. Additionally, the INCRA I-Box is quite user friendly making it suitable for hobby furniture makers and commercial woodworkers alike.

Innovative Features And Specifications Of The INCRA I-BOX

Highlighted Features: 

  • A micro-adjustment knob that allows users to vary the distance between each blade cut.
  • A reversible design that allows users to make use of both sides of the cutter.
  • The I Box also features a dual pitch mechanism that allows users to make micro-adjustments easily.
  • A wide MDF Sub-fence that is both reversible and re-usable. The wide fence allows for better positioning of lumber and a more stress free cutting experience as compared to hand-held boards.
  • A sturdy exterior made of extruded aluminium and MDF blocks

Pros Of The INCRA I-Box

This woodworking tool provides the following advantages to woodworkers and hobbyists:

  • The INCRA I Box is suitable for use on table saws as well as router tables thanks to its versatile design. This gives the woodworker a wider variety of options as compared to the conventional jigs for box joints. The versatile design also allows the hobbyists or carpenter to set up the I Box faster than he or she would when using traditional jigs.
  • The Incra I-Box also provides great accuracy and precision. The improved accuracy is derived from the fact that this jig comes with dual-pitch lead screws that allow the user to micro-adjust the tightness of joints Thanks to the micro-adjustment capabilities, the INCRA I Box is able to provide a range of 1/8 03/4 for pin widths.
  • The I Box is also advantageous in the sense that it allows the user to easily adjust the jig in accordance with the desired width required for the cut.
  • This woodworking tool also comes with a dust shield which makes it protects the user from the dust produced when cutting wood, thereby making it a safer jig than the traditional jigs used for making box joints.
  • First-time woodworkers and newbie hobbyists will also be glad to learn that the INCRA I Box comes with an hour long instructional DVD which captures all the important information for using this woodworking tool.
  • Backer boards on the I Box have been made adjustable. The backer boards ride on a miter slot that makes it possible for them to move towards the right or left after the woodworker has made a number of cuts. This helps to prevent tearing out.
  • The INCRA I Box is also advantageous in terms of durability. This jig is made of extruded aluminium which is known for its sturdiness. It is therefore not very easy for the INCRA I Box to suffer physical damage, thus making it quite durable.
  • Last but not least, the I BOX comes with a 12 month warranty which is an assurance of quality for woodworkers, hobbyists and other craftsmen.

Cons Of The INCRA I-Box

The INCRA I-Box is not without its faults. For one, the fence of the I Box may be a bit short for certain applications. This creates a considerable amount of torque whenever a piece of wood is passed over the jig’s dado blades. This disadvantage of the INCRA I Box may also be as a result of its platform not being deep enough.

Another disadvantage of the INCRA I Box is that the MDF blocks on the jig may not always provide a snug hold on the wood to be cut. It may be necessary for the user to clamp the wood on the I Box as opposed to having them clamped on the MDF blocks. The speed at which passes are made with each cut may also be a bit slow for some woodworkers.

Apart from the mentioned disadvantages, carpenters, hobbyists and professional woodworkers can expect a great experience using the INCRA I Box jig for joints.


When looking for a jig for box joints, hobbyists, carpenters and woodworkers in general should weigh the pros and cons of various jigs. From the discussion above, it is quite clear that theINCRA I-Box is bound to give hobbyists, carpenters and general woodworkers value for their money.

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