Porter-Cable PCE605K Corded Oscillating Multi-Tool 

As a popular woodworking tool, the ‘Porter Cable’ PCE605K now sports a 3-amp motor for added power and jobsite durability – a tad powerful than its predecessor, PC250MTK with only 2.5-Amp power.

Perfect for the natural hobbyist, professional woodworkers, and/or craftsman, this tool is ideal to use for applications like cutting, grinding, scraping, and sanding. This model also uses the ‘Tool Free System’ blade change technology for easy accessory adjustment, added depth and better cutting guide. Delivering 10,000-22,000 oscillations per minute or OPM, the PCE605K is designed to quickly accomplish a wide number of applications – cutting, grinding, scraping, or sanding – even on different materials. It is now equipped to provide more stability for long cuts and better control for plunge cuts.

With 31 different accessories, the ‘Porter Cable’ PCE605K offers its user versatility and an improved three-position design to give comfort for front, center, or back handling. With a 10-foot long cord, this gives you plenty of space to change places as you work without any trouble, making it a good choice for a versatile and popular woodworking tool.

Highlighted Features

  • Tool Free System’ Blade Change Technology to allows quick accessory changes and adjustments depending on specific application requirements without the need for bolts and wrenches
  • 3-amp Motor delivering added power to quickly complete your work
  • Improved ‘Depth’ And Cutting Guides for better control, more stable, and faster cutting and plunging tasks
  • Variable Speed Dials from 10,000-22,000 OPM for optimum performance and easy control over a wide variety of craft and woodworking applications
  • Redesigned 3 Positions Over Mold for better front, middle, or rear grip handling and reduced vibration for enhanced clutch comfort
  • 10-Foot Long Cord improves mobility around work area and requires minimal use of extension cords
  • 31 Versatile Multi-Tool Kit including flexible scrapers, flush cut blades, ‘precision’ wood end-cut blade, sanding platens, sandpaper sheets, metal and wood end-cut blades, etc.


  • Higher power and better durability – with a 3-amp motor, this tool offers more power for better durability on tough application like cutting, grinding, scraping, and sanding. With a wide range of oscillations per minute, it allows you to quickly complete projects on different types of materials.
  • Convenient functionality – with a ‘depth’ and cutting guide for added stability on long cuts and better control on plunge cuts, the functionality of the PCE605K provides plenty of work convenience for its user. More than that, the enhanced 3-position over mold allows for the highest grip comfort for frontal, middle, or back handling. With the help of the ‘tool free system’ blade change, you can efficiently and quickly change tools depending on the ‘application’ where you have to use it without the need for bolts or wrenches to secure the necessary accessories. The 10-foot long cord also allows you to span a longer distance compared to other similar tools and minimizes your need to use an extension cord.
  • Applicable to a wide variety of applications – with 31 tool kit accessories, this is perfect for plenty of woodwork and craft applications including sanding, cutting, scraping, or grinding.
  • Quality tool – as a leader in producing high quality tools, Porter Cable is a company known to manufacture professional grade tools for all of your handicraft needs and this is no different when it comes to quality materials and sturdy construction to last you a long time.
  • Warranty guaranteed – this includes a 90-day money back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction upon buying, a free service contract for one year and a limited three-year warranty service.


  • Overall, the 31-accessory inclusions is quite deceptive. The PCE605K does include 31 accessories BUT from the given number, 25 pieces are actually just sandpaper sheets with one piece each of ‘Depth’ and Cutting Guide, Flexible Scraper, Flush Cut Blade, ‘Precision’ Wood End-Cut Blade, Sanding Platen, Metal qand wood End-Cut Blade, and kit box to contain everything.

Final Verdict

If you’re constantly working on home projects or similar ones and you want a powerful tool to help you get the job done quickly with a professional look, ‘Porter Cable PCE605K 3-amp’ Corded Oscillating Multi-Tool would be a great woodworking tool to choose.

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