Rockwell RK3440K VersaCut Circular Saw Review

Circular saws are the most commonly used hand-held, power-driven cutting tools. A circular saw is used for cutting through a wide array of materials including sheet metal, tile and concrete among others.The Rockwell RK3440K VersaCut circular saw is among the most popular models available in today’s market. Discussed below is vital information that every prospective shopper needs to have when thinking of investing in the Rockwell RK3440K VersaCut circular saw.

Rockwell RK3440K VersaCut Woodworking Circular Saw

The electronic motor is among the most important features that affects the performance of a circular saw. The RK3440K comes with a 4AMP electronic motor that is powerful enough for use on DIY projects that involve cutting through various materials ranging from ceramic to tile. The 4AMP electronic motor allows the user to cut through materials up to a maximum depth of 1/16inches.

The Rk3440K also features laser guide technology for highly accurate measurements as well as cut alignment. You can therefore expect a great degree of precision when using Rockwell VersaCut blades on various materials.

This circular saw is also designed to be particularly light. The RK3440K weighs slightly less than four pounds which makes it easy to use the hand-held saw for extended periods of time.

Last but not least, you can expect to get a special blade referred to as the 24T carbide designed specifically for wooden projects if you choose to settle for the RK3440K. In addition to the 24T carbide, the saw also features a special blade (44T HSS) for use on aluminum and PVC pipes and a diamond blade for cutting through ceramic tile and cement boards.

Hightlighted Features of the RK3440K VersaCut:

The RK3440K is advantageous in the following ways:

  • The RK3440K is much safer to use as compared to other circular saws thanks to its streamlined design. The streamlined design creates prevents contact between the moving blade and the user’s hands, which rest comfortably on the handle during operation.
  • This circular saw is also advantageous in terms of precision and efficiency. This is thanks to the laser guide technology employed in the use of this saw. This also helps to cut down on the amount of time and materials required to cut through the material in question.
  • The RK3440K is also highly versatile. The versacut blades have the ability to cut through various materials including wood, PVC, ceramic tile, aluminum and sheet metal. This versatility is not exhibited by a majority of other circular saws.

Drawbacks of the RK3440K VersaCut Circular Saw

Despite its great features, the RK3440K is not without its drawbacks. For one this circular saw is disadvantageous in the sense that it is corded as opposed to being cordless. This may prove to be a challenge for first-time users using it in hard-to-reach areas such as tight corners.

Another drawback of the RK3440K is that its design dictates that the person using it maintains their hands at zero degrees forward during the entire cutting exercise. Over time, this can result in frequent hand pains.

Final Verdict :

From the above discussion, it is clear that the Rockwell RK3440K is a great investment for anyone looking for a circular saw. Despite the minor drawbacks discussed above, this woodworking circular saw is sure to give you value for money.

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